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On Delhi Art Gallery

Photos: Courtesy of Delhi Art Gallery 

Late this summer I was in New Delhi visiting a bit of its art world, and was struck by the work some of its elite modern and contemporary art galleries in the realm of documentation and research. I had gone to the Delhi Art Gallery to look at its collection of Indian mid-20th-century modernists, particularly Francis Newton Souza who my friend Ulli Beier once held as a model for young Nigerian artists. Of course I saw the art I was after, but it was the range of publications commissioned and produced by the DAG that I found astounding. For years this gallery and others like it, such as the Vadehra Art Gallery, have been at the forefront of producing scholarly publications on especially modern Indian artists. And they have, I think, helped in increasing international scholarly (and yes, commercial) attention these artists are attracting now. 

When I think of how these commercial art galleries participate in serious knowledge production only very few galleries, even blue chips of New York's Chelsea district, come to mind. Here you have substantial monographic studies of individual artists-- from Souza, and Raza to Sunil Das, Rabin Mondal, etc--and their wonderful survey volumes, Manifestations. I just involuntarily pined for the day galleries in Lagos would grow up to doing this kind of crucial groundwork. To really invest in artists whose work they claim to promote. So, there I was so thrilled at the work being done by commercial galleries in New Delhi; like a child confronted by a candy-bearer, I packed so much books published by just the DAG and Vadehra, that I had to pay excess luggage on my way back to base. Contrast this with my visit to the "high-end" Mydrim Gallery in Lagos earlier in the summer: I came out empty-handed. Oh, the wish, the wish.

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We Gallery

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Top 5 Tuesday | Independent Bookstores

(eljays books- flickr)

I know, I've been MIA.  I'm finally getting the hang of this new job, schedule, and lack of sleep (not to mention this crappy weather).  But, I haven't forgotten you Pittsburgh!  It's getting to that point where it's the end of Winter (or so it should be), everyone is getting antsy, and we all just want to shed our winter layers and get out and have fun!  But don't forget, what comes after the snow and below freezing temperatures?  RAIN! So what can we do to cure our cabin fever but keep warm and dry at the same time? Why not get lost in one of the city's eclectic little bookstores? Curl up on a bean bag chair, sip your latte and read something you haven't read in a while (today is National Children's Book Day), or perhaps something you've been wanting to read (I still haven't hopped on the "50 Shades Band Wagon").  Here are my top 5 favorite bookstores in the city!

Awesome Books

With two "awesome" locations (Garfield and Downtown) carried a variety of authors, genres, and interests.  It's a great place to pick up a book on a topic you're interested in learning about.  Stop into one of their artsy spots and come out just a tad more awesome than you already are.  Click HERE for hours and details.

Eljay's Books


Once located in the Southside (now in Dormont), Eljay's books is known for carrying some pretty weird stuff! They hold an interesting collection of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and a variety of cookbooks.  Come feed your inner geek!  Hours and more HERE.

Caliban Book Shop

So much more than just a book shop, Caliban Book Shop in Oakland carries thousands of used and rare books, they buy, sell and appraise, and also carry things like autographs, photos, printed materials, and original art.  It's the quintessential college town book store!  Check out Caliban HERE!

The Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore & Cafe

Where bike punks and feminists unite! This is a bookstore that has something to say - The Big Idea strives to provide material that is socially-positive, humanitarian and promotes community (and they have great coffee).  Stop in for a yummy vegan wrap and read up on some of the most important issues in our society today!  You may leave feeling like you can change the world (and you can!).

Mystery Lovers Bookstore

For all you Sherlocks and Nancy Drews, there's a special place just for you in Oakmont: the Mystery Lover's Bookstore!!  They are one of the largest mystery book stores in the country and hold thousands of titles, authors and categories.  Get your looking glasses out and sneek into Mystery Lover's Bookstore! Click HERE for hours and details!

East End Book Exchange

As one of the city's newest bookstores, the East End Book Exchange is winning the hearts of Pittsburgh's book worms.  They carry everything from espionage to poetry and everything in between!  They want to be your friendly neighborhood bookstore, won't you be their neighbor?
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Weekend Wednesdays

Hello Pittsburgh!  I've been MIA, I know.  I've started a new job and trying to get acclimated to this new lifestyle is tougher than I thought. As an official 9-5'er, I'm starting to see the need to savor each and every precious moment of the weekend, which is why I bring you a new segment of the blog: Weekend Wednesdays! By mid-week, I'm sure you're dying to get out and enjoy the weekend, so here's a little help making those weekend plans. Get in touch if you have an awesome event you would like to share for Weekend Wednesdays!  Enjoy the first weekend of Spring! Hope to see you around!

Winnie the Pooh and the Seven Deadly Sins
"I'm just a little black rain cloud....." so the song goes, but The Rage of the Stage Players are here to add a little more doom and gloom to Hundred Acre Woods with "Winnie the Pooh and the Seven Deadly Sins." Opens this Friday March 22nd at Off The Wall Theater in Carnegie. Tickets are $15 at the door, but try to get them in advance as seats do fill up quickly!  This is NOT a show you want to bring the kids to!  Click HERE for more show dates and information.

Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival
Whether you're a complete media tech-geek or could care less about the rapid advances in media, this year's Carnegie International Film Festival: Faces of Media will give you the perfect opportunity to learn about globalized communication through film.  Audiences will have the chance to see brand new and award winning shows from countries all over the world!  Click HERE for more info!

Record Fest at Belvedere's
It's time for the annual Record Fest!  Dust off your vinyl and get down to Belvedere's to buy, sell or trade your records to the sound of live DJ's.  You'd be amazed at what you can find there!!  Click HERE for more info!

FukDat Party
Put on your Sunday "Thriftiest" and get to the FukDat Party at Cavo this Sunday! Enjoy drinks and beats from various DJs.  The best thrifted outfit wins $50!  Click HERE for more info.

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Top 5 Tuesday | Open Mic Night

I pick up a guitar every once in a while  - it relaxes me and happens to be one of my favorite things to do with some of my closest friends. I've even played a couple mics before (some more successful than others). I think I enjoy playing music because it's been a part of my life since I was young - my grandpa always kept a guitar in his garage and listened to Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. And it just so happens to be Johnny Cash's birthday today.  So strap on your guitars, dust off your music books, and get to one of these awesome open mics - or just attend one, you would be amazed at how talented people are!  In light of Johnny's birthday, here are my top 5 favorite open mics:

Club Cafe


Considered Pittsburgh's #1 Open Stage Club Cafe  hosts their AcousticCafe's open stage with Mike Why. Fashioned after some of the high profile and wildly successful open stages in Nashville and New York City, AcoustiCafe's open stage intends to create a supportive environment for artists to network with their peers, test new music or haul out old favorites, and most importantly, extend their reach in the local scene. Every Monday at 7pm - No cover charge! 

Eclipse Lounge
Every Wednesday from 8 -12am, Eclipse Lounge hosts their very successful open mic. It's quickly becoming one of the top places to hang out on a Wedsday in the city!

Bloomfield Bridge Tavern


Amazing Polish food, cold beer, and live music, what better way to spend your Tuesday night than at this "Polish Party House"?  BBT hosts open mic every Tuesday at 9pm.

Papa Di Vinci 


Located on Forbes Ave. near Duquesne University, Papa Di Vinci packs a full house every Tuesday from  9pm - 1am along with featured performers.  Grab a slice of pizza and get ready to hear some amazing local talent.

Thunderbird Cafe


Perfect for the bluesy - jazz guitar type!  The Thunderbird Cafe is located in Lawrenceville and holds acoustic open mics hosted every Monday at 9:30pm by Craig King - No Cover Charge!!

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Top 5 Tuesday | Valentine's Day Dinner Restaurants

Hey Pittsburgh!  Have you gotten your Valentine's Day plans squared away yet?  If not, then feast your eyes on my Top 5 Valentine's Day restaurants - perfect for any relationship status.  Each of these restaurants promise interesting, mouth watering menu items, great settings (some more intimate than others), and good company! Hope your Valentine's Day is scrumptious!

A sushi roll from Penn Ave. Fish Company

Penn Avenue Fish Company
Penn Ave. Fish Company is one of my favorite places in the city for seafood!  Served fresh everyday, they specialize in sushi, gigantic fish sandwiches (grilled or fried), fish soups, and daily specialty entrees. With locations in the Strip District and Downtown, it provides an upscale, trendy, yet comfortable environment with fun and interesting staff to talk to as they prepare your food.  Here, you can literally get dinner, then buy fresh fish for later on in the weekend - market style- before you leave. Grab a bottle of wine and get ready to have some of the best seafood in Pittsburgh. They're planning a special menu for Valentine's Day that includes oysters on half shell!  Find out more and make a reservation HERE.

Pizza Del Rey from Mercurio's (foodspotting)

You may be thinking, "Pizza? Seriously?" But quite the contrary, pizza can be very romantic (you can share it) especially in a place like Mercurio's.  Mercurio's is a new hot spot on Walnut St. for Italian food.  It's a family owned and operated restaurant specializing in fresh and authentic Italian dishes: oven roasted pizzas, anti-pasta, paninis, salads, and best of all - homemade artisan gelato in over 40 interesting flavors (stracciatella anyone?)! With a small bistro-like feel, Mercurio's is perfect for a romantic and relaxing Valentine's dinner.  Share a pizza, some antipasti and a bottle of wine from their list,  then finish it off with a decadent scoop of gelato.  Buon Apetito! Find out more about Mercurio's HERE.

Ethiopian Sampler Platter from Abay (foodspotting)

Since sharing is caring on a day such as Valentine's Day, why not take it to the next level at a place that encourages sharing food and eating with your hands? Located at Penn Circle in East Liberty, Abay serves up authentic Ethiopian cuisine that begs to be shared and enjoyed with others.  As you sit around the mesobs - traditional basket-like tables - you'll experience authentic Ethiopian culture, from everything to the art on the walls to their interesting menu.  Each platter is served with injera - an Ethiopian flatbread - as a substitution for a plate, fork or spoon.  Simply tear off a piece of injera and dunk it into one of their amazing, saucy dishes.  Finish it off with an Ethiopian coffee and a dessert!.  Don't worry, if you're scared to make a mess in front of your date, there is regular seating  and utensils available upon request. Find out more about Abay HERE.

Fire & Ice Seviche 

Headed for a night on the town - Downtown that is? Seviche is a perfect spot to take your sweetheart or a group of friends to for a spicy Valentine's Day treat.  Seviche is Pittsburgh's hottest Spanish tapas restaurant with menu items perfect for a group tasting or a couple's feast in an order-as-you-go fashion.  Seviche is a preparation of fresh seafood marinated in citrus juice and then consumed moments later - at Seviche they feature seven different preparations as well as other tapas style entrees - mini pork cubans, ahi tuna sliders, bistec and empanadas.  It's a great place to go if you and your date are the indecisive kind who want to try a little bit of everything.  This year, Seviche has a special Valentine's Day menu prepared for $80 a couple which features a three-course meal, dessert, and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine.  See the menu HERE and find out more about Seviche HERE.

Hofbrauhaus Reuben Sandwich (facebook)

Not into the whole fluff and frills of Valentine's Day, but still want to have an amazing dinner?  Head down to Hofbrauhaus for some schnitzel and a stein! Hofbrahaus is a traditional German style beer hall featuring authentic German dishes - can you say Kartoffelpfannkuchen (aka potato pancakes), German beer which they brew on site (this month's specialty beer is a Dopplebock called "Adulterator" with hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel), live German music, and of course - shot skis!!!!!  For Valentine's Day they have a special menu for $50 a couple that includes a choice of the house wine or of half liter of beer...I mean bier..Check out the Valentine's Day menu HERE and get more info on Hofbrauhaus HERE.

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Monday Spotlight | Pretty Living PR

Pretty Living PR

Happy Monday Pittsburgh!  In light of the most romantic week of the year, this week's spotlight congratulates my dear friends at Pretty Living PR on their debut as Pittsburgh's new go-to source for all things pretty and all things Pittsburgh.  PLPR provides exposure and creates relationships among models, designers, hair dressers, bloggers, make up artists and more around the area!

Charity by Dawn Lily makeup line

Some of their clients include Charity by Dawn Lily skincare & cosmetics, fitness model and IFBB professional Lynn Sambuco, Ahseiat-inoR, Enhanced Creativity and the CMU fashion team.  They are also the masterminds behind some of the city's hottest upcoming events:

  • Join PLPR this weekend (Feb 16th) at the CMU Lunar Gala Fashion Show for an exclusive peek at Pittsburgh's top fashion designers, as well as new and upcoming student designers to keep your eye on.
Looks likes things just got pretty in the Steel City!  Have a great week everyone!  

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Monday Spotlight | Fall in Love with the Phillips House Collection

What do you get when you add timeless sophistication and modern chic?  Why, the gorgeous collections of Phillips House of course!  Since the launching of their line in 2010, Phillips House has become a breakthrough name in jewelry design; its available in nearly 50 stores in the US, including SAKS, Louis Anthony and Orr's Jewelers right here in Pittsburgh.  The intricately crafted baubles of Phillips House has caught the eye of publications such as Women's Wear Daily, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Vanity Fair, Oprah and Glamour.  

Phillips House pieces have also been spotted on some of the biggest names around: The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, chose to wear a pair of Phillips House earrings to meet with Queen Elizabeth II, Duchess Kate Middleton, and the Royal Family in 2011. The jewelry has additionally become a favorite among other celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Conrad, Kerry Washington, Erin Wasson, and Mamie Gummer, among others.

 Lisa (maiden name Phillips) and Danielle Frankel, are the masterminds behind the Phillips House line.  The mother and daughter began their line in Miami.  Lisa has been an artist her whole life and Danielle is a ballerina turned fashion student.  Lisa's artistic eye mixed with Danielle's knowledge of fashion, has helped them create a dynamic collection that is modern and timeless all at once, and leads rather than follows the fashion trends.  

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Phillips House will be hosting a trunk show at Orr's Jewelers this Saturday, February 9th in Squirrel Hill from 9:30am - 5:30pm. Take a peek at their lovely collection including the new "Love Always" collection which holds sentimental value to the Phillips House collection.  

The Pittsburgh Look digs deeper into the Phillips House collection.....

TPL:  Where did your draw your inspiration from for your "Love Always" collection?
PH: Growing up in Boston, Lisa’s mother used to stop her at the door to button up the top button of her coat before sending her off to school. Lisa and Danielle wanted to create an iconic bangle that any woman could wear, and put on herself. The “button” concept held such sentimental meaning that they created a proprietary button closure, which can be worn by everyone. The personalization on the inside is another nod to the sentimentality.

TPL: What makes your collections unique in the industry?
PH: The two designers – Lisa and Danielle Frankel – get their inspirations from very different places, and as a result, the collections offer a range of appeal and design aesthetic, from classic and traditional to chic and sophisticated.  Moreover, despite being a newer brand, we strive to focus not only on purely design but also on craftsmanship and functionality, so that the wearer can feel a collectability with their Phillips House pieces.

TPL: What kind of person wears your jewelry?
PH: The fans of our jewelry are often described as classically chic women who are excited to discover something new and exciting, while sophisticated, in the fine jewelry space.


VISIT Phillips House website HERE.
FOLLOW Phillips House on Facebook HERE
SAY HELLO to Phillips House on Twitter HERE
CHECK OUT Phillips House on Instagram HERE. 

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